Frequently asked questions

Age Restrictions

What are age restrictions?

What Does the Price Include?

What taxes are included in my rental?
What is included in my rental?


Do I need both parts of my British licence to rent a vehicle?
What is an international driver’s licence and why do I need one?


How do I reduce the excess on the vehicle? Can I take out additional insurances to reduce it?
Is Break Down Assistance included?
Can you explain what the Liability Insurance is?
What is Vehicle Theft Waiver?
What is Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)?


I have booked additional drivers. Where can I see if this is confirmed in my booking?
I have booked a baby/booster for my child. Where can I see this confirmed in my booking?


What is a fuel policy?

One Way Rentals

What are cross border or territorial restrictions?

Your Voucher

What documentation do I need to take with me to the rental desk?
What happens if I do not take my voucher with me?
I can not find my voucher. Could you please send the voucher again?
What is a voucher and why do I need one?

Cancelling Your Booking

How do I cancel my booking?
What is CarTrawler’s Cancellation Policy?
Do I lose my deposit if I cancel my car?


How can I pay for my booking?

Rental Terms and Conditions

Where can I find the Rental Terms and Conditions?

Car Rental Agencies

What is the name of the car rental agent, which I hired a car from?
Speedy rental cars is a cheap Car Rental